Get it on

So this is what it has come down to, balloons having sex. Dare I say it, awesome. It seems so innocent when it starts. Then doggy style kicks in and it all gets a bit sordid! The squeaks and creaks of the balloons moving together is very well done and the fact a 3rd wants to get in on the act shows that Durex has a fun side. The look of the balloons on 18 seconds is magic. It cracks me up as it shows a real innocence to the whole act that is going on in front of your very eyes. The crowning glory would be one exploding at the end, back I guess that would just send out the wrong message now wouldn't it.

It has turned into Creme Egg Goo... They have outtakes! This is fun now.. congrats Fitzgerald+CO and produced by Superfad New York.
Outtake 1

Outtake 2

Outtake 3

Robert Rugan, creative director at Superfad, said: "When you get the chance to create 'karma-balloon-animal-sutra', everyone involved gets really stoked about pushing the boundaries as much as possible.

"Not only did the agency give us the opportunity to do that; they encouraged it. Oh, and the conference calls were some of the funniest I've ever been on."

The best comment I've seen so far for this ad is, "hit the mute button and there is your next KY Jelly advert".

All I'm saying is wait for the spoofs...