Red Nose Day 2009

This is the Red Nose Day 2009 advert, created by Fallon with the creative by John and Chris (below).
I love this advert, it won't win any awards, it may not be remembered but its about the only time you can say they worked with some of the greatest characters on television adverts ever.

Love the fact meerkat got an appearance, it just shows how he has taken the UK by storm this year.

John documented the day and I have fallen in love with this great cliche.
A gorilla eating chocolate. Possibly by accident but John still managed to get a shot of it happening.

Hope to see these guys again soon, but they are busy as hell, and Edinburgh isn't the easiest of commutes with a job up here too!

I also found this, presumably by Fallon, can't decide if it would have been funnier with the kids wearing red noses instead...