The Wanted Ads

Mike and Phil, Jai and Wal, Mark and Gemma from TRBR and our pals Dani and Paul all went to the Wanted Ads this year. Having seen the posts, the voting and then the work I can't see why they should call it 'The Wanted Ads' and then give you a brief that is highly restrictive to show what you can do. 

"The brief, supplied by HSBC saw the teams devise a campaign for the bank’s World Selection global investment service which highlighted the fact it uses local expertise in markets across the world.  The challenge was to put global knowledge into a local context using local media."

The banking sector is notoriously a boring ad area. Especially when at the moment every bank needs to be true and honest, I could think of a few clever things but nothing wacky and crazy that you could do for a bank. 

On a serious note, none of those ideas that you can vote for would probably end up in your portfolio. Surely that is what 'The Wanted Ads' should be trying to push for? Great ideas from a great thought provoking brief...

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