Blackpool is now Paris

Apologies, a while back when I saw the Southern Trains adverts for Brighton, the new Barcelona (link) which also had Portsmouth and Bogner Regis, I said Blackpool could be Amsterdam, but I was wrong... what with the tower, it is now Paris!

In an attempt to boost holidaymaker numbers. The aim of the film is to attract visitors who may have traditionally felt that Blackpool was not for them. But as 'the town is currently undergoing major redevelopment, including the £220m Talbot Gateway project.New hotels, shops and restaurants are planned as well as offices, a supermarket and cafes on a site near Blackpool North train station.' they created this film. Titled Blackpool Je t'aime, Helen France, director of tourism for Blackpool Council, thought: "we often get French visitors - they like to do London, Stratford and Edinburgh and often drop off at a seaside town on the way, and we hope that this will encourage them to come to Blackpool."

Zut alors!