Leith Dock

C.R. and I have been given the privilege of being second in command on Leith's twitter, and Blog; Leith Dock. Not sure how we've managed to get this wonderful job, but we'll keep your mind's inspired and your day filled with links from the world of Leith.

It is not just an ad agency up here. It is a community. Leith Records is a new venture by them, which showcases the newest Scottish talent in the music scene, while Leith is heavily involved in We Love Leith, Greener Leith, Leith Festival, Leith FM and anything other Leithy things that are going on.

On top all of this, we have also be given the challenge to bring their website into 2010, not an easy job!

You can find Leith on

Hopefully you'll enjoy twice the APness from now on.