Youtube hits 1 billion views a day

If it's on their logo, it has to be true.

Yesterday Youtube officially launched the tweak to the logo that proves they are by far one of the most popular sites on the web.

72% of all video content on the internet highway comes from Youtube, and I think that is a staggering amount. I guess with the ability to embed content onto blogs, websites etc this makes sharing using youtube easy. Even with the likes of twitter and delicious continuously linking to the site a billion views daily still seems fake.

I can't seem to sit on youtube all day, I prefer Vimeo, but very rarely do you see a link to that or any other video streaming site that isn't youtube. Fox and Hulu the second and third biggest video streaming sites hold a mere 5 and 4% share respectively, which frankly is embarassing. Tesco Value Ketchup flavoured Ketchup probably gets 5% of sales in the Ketchup market vs Heinz, and it would certainly not call it the 2nd best ketchup!

I guess it really is the youtube generation.