Our website is going to be in Scamp's book!

This greeted our email box this morning:

Dear 'We Are Crap' Team,

I am doing the picture research for Simon Veksner's impending publication How to Make it as an Ad Creative.

We would like to feature the attached image in a chapter showing online portfolios that show personality as well as work and would need to clear permission to use it.

This image perhaps?
Damn right you can use it! The more the merrier!
We get a mention from the legendary blogger Scamp in his book = awesome

It's odd when we thought about making the site, we had no idea it would work so well in our favour, we just did what we thought was fun and interesting. Sticking our faces on it meant people see who we are before they have met us and we've even been recognised by fellow creatives that we have never met. Now that is a surreal moment! But it gets us across to them quicker what we are about. They don't need to look at the work to get a sense of the type of things we do.

So remember, a website is not just for showing work, it's a place to have fun!

Right, I'm off to make some videos.