The Watford Course

Every year the Watford Course changes its entry criteria. And every year I like to have a go at it. Not to submit, but to keep my creative juices flowing.

Have a go for yourself, answers in the comments section please.
Creative Test. The Copywriting /Art Direction Course. 2010/2011.

Q1 Write a funny poem about death.

Q2 What would I find in the brightness at the light at the end of the tunnel?

Q3 Devise a campaign strategy with executions to promote Cliff Richard as the next UK Prime Minister.

Q4 Write headlines and designs for T shirts to be worn the day after Global Flooding.

Q5 Devise as many posters as you can to sell yourself.

Q6 Why should you never underestimate a handsome bear ?

Q7 Sell tarantulas as the next 'must have' pet.

Q8 Devise a digital idea for a chocolate bar.

Q9 How would you get more folk to learn the Ukulele?

Q10 How would Michaelangelo, (the Renaissanceartist not the turtle), sell Edam cheese?

Q11 Enclose an A4 copy, non-returnable, of your own More can be found here