Some cracking ads

Sorry, but who makes these beauties?
I was drawn to the headline: PUBLIC.... TAKE NOTICE!

Firstly why have I never written such a good headline!?! I was staring at the ad before the editorial and secondly, who puts four, yes, count them all, four full stops on? It's 1, 3, multiples of 3 or never... but never 4!

Also take note of the company. Basically Tool Hire and then check out their bad boy site . Basically they do tools.

The second winner of the D&ED (Designed and Extremely Dreadful) award goes to this. Sash and Case (top right). They do windows, apparently, though I can't tell. And the end line sums everything up. We are the best - probably.
(I think I like this four dot malarkey)

These were found in ThePulse - living life in Edinburgh. More ads than content. Just how I like it.