Tattoo advertising

It's nothing new but hats off to Conrad for sending me this lovely gem today.

On Aussie Ebay there was this beauty, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

This, using the picture as evidence, fine lady wants you to bid on her "butt".
She wants you to pay upwards of AU$500 for "your name on my ass in hand written font, 1cm high". It claims for the privilege of having your name on her arse you "will receive a photo for your personal records." And to make you feel even more special she has "no other tattoos on my butt, so it will be very prominent."

If you wish to bid, you'll find her item here

Also while you're there, check out her other item up for grabs, pardon the inappropriate pun, it's a "love letter: heartfelt and sincere from me to you".
Why you ask? Well "feeling lonely is something we are all afflicted with at some time or another."

"Should you win, I will write you a sincere and heartfelt love letter and post it to you no matter where in the world you are. There is no catch, no trick - just a simple act of acknowledging loneliness as all pervasive and trying to battle it, one person at a time"

And if you thought this letter wasn't personal, she'll "talk about how you would like to be addressed and any specifics you would like in the letter".

It's already had bids, so get your hands on it here.

Isn't she just lovely.