When shock tactics go too far

Shock tactics are nearly always the way in which companies look to gain some extra PR out of a small budget. Sometimes they work well with me, for instance the Britain Thinks campaign.

Yes mumsnet slagged it off, nearly sued the backside off it, but it kind of resonated with me. Bad I know, but it worked better than the "1966: it won't happen this year" especially when it ran on Edinburgh bus sides.

I couldn't decide which was worse, the poorly bought media, or trying to mock the Scottish?

But then PETA have to go and stick their noses in again.

In theory they are a charity that people should like for trying to do what's best for animals. But on an all too frequent nature it steps about a mile over the line.

Take this latest ad to get banned.

This was put up in the area Baby P was attacked, with a picture of the accused.

Now I'm not one to judge, but PETA are now as bad as him in my eyes. And I guess that puts them pretty much with the scum of the Earth. Why would you do that? It's wrong on every level. Bad call PETA.