You've been poked by Chlamydia

If you have Spotify, you'll have noticed these ads scrolling around lately.Or the larger MPU version
And then if you decide to click the link it'll take you to the Chlamydia Trachomatis friend page where you can get details on Chlamydia.
Why am I blogging about this? Well our degree show last year had an advertising student who used the poke device on Facebook for a HIV/Aids brief and it reminded me a lot of it. But also, I've come to realise something since I took the Facebook page screenshot. The Chlamydia page doesn't seem to exist anymore.I've typed in the exact url and all I got was an error message.Now I curious, is this a clever 'hidden' page because Chlamydia is obviously a undetectable STI or did Chlamydia break the T&Cs of Facebook? Possibly by being a fake person rather than being a page... further inspection shows other Chlamydia, clearly a popular girls name by the looks of things as people pages not as fan pages or groups.

So did this clever idea to get youngsters interacting with Chlamydia (don't take that the wrong way) fall foul of Facebook?


They have a new page it's called sayyestothetest it's now a fan page, this one won't get shut down.