The Drum Banner Ads

There's currently a banner ad running on The Drum's website that is one of the better ones I've seen in a while.

Created by 'Story' in Edinburgh they tap into the common complaint that you can post anything on The Drum anonymously.

Like these for example.

So using a tiny file size and a few childish words (like half the posts) 'Story' have got themselves a nice banner. Unfortunately, when you click on the banner it wants to open up my Apple Mail and it's not configured so I couldn't contact them. And, there are lots of 'story' agencies out there so I had to be pretty specific when finding that web link above!

To be fair, if you wanted the job that much you'd be doing more than just giving up at a broken email link. Enjoy.

P.S. it's the same banner, it's just my screen capture software give me only 30secs at a time. It was free though from Screenium.