Fake Pizza

"In a real Italian Pizzeria the pizza has rich toppings and a crispy thin base, in a wide range of flavours... and that's exactly how Pizza Ristorante is."

And here's my issue...

And if you look a little closer. Yup, the German's are stealing real Italian Pizzeria Chefs, holding them hostage and then getting Dr. Oetker to pose as an Italian.

I know lots of companies do this. Fosters is brewed somewhere off the North Circular and Greggs, according to their new advert, can't possibly bake all their food on their premises.

It just annoys me when they have to claim something so trivial.

The fact we all know, unless it's actually made right in front of you, using fantastic ingredients, any frozen pizza isn't going to make you think of "a real Italian Pizzeria". Even Pizza Hut won't claim that... Especially when it's made in Germany.