Raise Your Pants

To rival some random advertising spend in the UK, the US is hot on the heels.

Monday started with Basildon getting a Hollywood sign.

And Wednesday brought the Senator from the State of New York starting the "raise your pants, raise your image" crusade

This bizarre campaign I think is brilliant. It's not pants in any way... (sorry). Whoever thought "let's get people to pull their trousers up, it'll make them better" was a genius. Kudos probably goes to the Senator.

I really think this is one of those odd things in life that people get annoyed about and yet nobody has attempted to rectify.

With Brooklyn only having 6 poster sites, this "STOP THE SAG" billboard won't be everywhere, but it'll certainly get lots of PR. Who cares if people think it's a waste of money. It'll cheer people up. And although it's a serious issue, it's a bit of fun too.

Good on them.

Here's the video press release.