Over sharers of content

Is everybody tired of stuff? You know. Stuff.

From the "I'm bored" Facebook status update. To the "Brewing a cuppa, anyone want one?" Twitter 140 character word vomit.

Well, apparently, Pringles has.

May I present to you, helptheoversharers.com

Their manifesto

"The stuff that some people share online is totally ridiculous. They need our help urgently to start sharing things really worth sharing, like Pringles!"

What I particularly like was the way it targeted me. A Facebook poll.

Simple, clean and very apt. A few clicks later and I was exploring the site.

The shop section amused me. Get all the annoying over shared comments; on a mug, a bag, a t-shirt and more. This over sharing thing may just take off you know. Everybody loves a pointless comment.

I particularly like the "Overshare!" button, we had the same idea a few weeks ago for a s1jobs digital brief (obviously it didn't say overshare). We're yet to hear back off whether they were going to make this button, but it looks like Pringles has beaten us to it. A Firefox or Google Chrome add-on, it makes it really simple to tell people to quit oversharing and get back in the real world.

And on that note, I'll stop writing and talk to a real person.