The change of Government - via Twitter

As usual Twitter goes a bit mental when something a little extra ordinary goes on. And, if you're unaware, Twitter is great for blurting out some great one liners. So, while watching the news I decided to grab a few of my faves starting in chronological order:


@jimwolffman My gran says: "but surely the queen's in the middle of her dinner". Don't want to piss her off early on

@adlandcreative The queen must be livid...missing Eastenders.

@CakeBeef I hope Gordon Brown has hidden some prawns behind the radiators.

@maxrushden what do reckon Dave's listening to in the car? I reckon Texas.

(On getting stuck in traffic) @Kevin_Maguire Cameron's useless. Been PM 10 minutes and he's done nothing. Absolutely NOTHING

@robfranlong Will Cameron christen every room tonight?

@HalfAPair I hear that Brown pissed on the toilet seat before he left

@charman57 Gordon Brown is going to get his chill ON tomorrow. Lie in, Jeremy Kyle, bit of Fifa.

@Macfack You know what's most depressing about tonight, I've just noticed SamCam has the same shoes as me, damn it.

@mikelaurie At least 6music's safe, Dave loves a bit of 6music apparently. Asian network's truly fucked though.

@aydinstone Dave 'Dave' Cameron must be wiring up his stereo system now. That's always the first thing I do in a new house.

@revjesse con-dem-nation :(

Even the @Queen_UK got involved.