How To Get A Job In Advertising (or anywhere else!)

With the release of Scamp's book, I wondered how people thinking outside the box get hired. And, not always in advertising. Yes, there's always the portfolio, CV or interviews to back up a great stunt. But, what's been done, and does it pay to think differently?

I can think of a few stunts that have caught my eye, some work, some don't. Here's all the ones I can think of.

Alec Brownstein

Alec Brownstein used Google Adwords. Brilliantly simple, and by watching this video, very effective. So much so, it earned him a Gold Pencil and a Clio award. The simple fact of getting Creative Directors to Google themselves is also quite amusing.

Michael Checkoway

Headhunters and agencies work on a commission, but what if the general public did too? We all know most companies offer a finder's fee if you get someone you know hired. But what if you recommended a random stranger, and then they paid you in gifts (on top on your company's bonus)... sound good?

Well Michael Checkoway did, and now he's hired. He said;

"All you have to do is provide me with good, qualified leads and referrals, and if one of those leads gets me a job, you'll have your choice from a number of exciting prizes including vacations and cash. The better the job I get, the greater the reward for you. And if you hire me yourself, then you can cash in on the rewards."

Of course he dropped a few legals on about working for a certain number of days, where he worked and what he was intending to gift you with. But, that's all the simple stuff.

Fabian Berglund and Ida Gronblom

Back in 2006, Fab and Ida stuck life-sized images of themselves pressed against the glass of Wieden & Kennedy, with a sign reading "still trying to get in". Having successfully navigated a book crit and a short placement, they were hired.

Since then they've worked across many of Wieden and Kennedy's accounts and picked up numerous awards. Early this year, they swapped the East end of London for the sunnier climbs of R/GA New York.

Hollie Belton and Amy Jackson

These two girls decided to put themselves up for auction on Ebay in an attempt to land a job.

Their ad said: "Two young creatives, conjoined in body and soul are selling their wares for one lucky creative director."

When bidding finished, they'd managed to get a year's salary of £30,050 each. Sadly though the mystery bidder happened to not be a Creative Director and on writing this they're still on the hunt for for that elusive job offer.

David Rowe

Over five days roaming the streets of London wearing a sandwich board David Rowe, a history graduate, attracted widespread media coverage and generated 250 enquiries from interested employers. All this before JCDecaux hired him.

He was spotted in Fleet Street by the managing director, Spencer Berwin, and hired him as a junior sales co-ordinator, working in the billboards (see the link there?), street furniture and StreetTalk phone boxes team.

Berwin said: "I was very impressed by David turning himself into a human billboard -- he's displayed a natural talent for outdoor advertising.

Funny that.

If you can think of any more, let me know and I'll add them.