PechaKucha Edinburgh - The Aftermath

It was a good laugh, met a few cool people and saw a lot of great ideas.

Anabo I thought was brilliant. This is how to make housing cool when everything else is moving with the times. And, home styles aren't.

You can create (for £80k or £120k a fully customisable home. It's effectively a box where you can put the walls where you want, add the fixtures and fittings you like and even decide right down to even the tree you fancy most. It's genius. I want one.

The next thing that caught my eye was A simple way to tag your belongings and give everything a story.

I particularly liked the iPhone App they're developing using Google Maps. It shows what used to be there, from any period (ish) within time.

Another nice thing was - the linguistic experiment. A place where you can collect nouns.

All Sorts is a collection of collective nouns that may or may not have found their way into the Oxford English Dictionary. Basically better words than a ‘bunch’ or ‘flock’ to describe things.

Some of my faves are:

a seemingly empty room of ninjas

a _____ of mime artists

a block of writers

a handful of muppets

You get the picture, there's loads. Have a flick incase I've missed any. And, you can also submit your suggestion via Twitter using the hashtag #collectivenouns

And finally, here's just a few snaps from PechaKucha last Friday.

Yup, yup, yup, that's all.