Napier Advertising Degree Show

It's advertising, in theory everything should be understandable. That kind of summed it up for me... unfortunately less of the fantastic. Honestly I was disappointed.

Nothing seemed to work with each other, it all seemed a mis-mash of work and lots of people had the same products on capper-board. Nothing jumped out, which was a shame. And, there wasn't a single portfolio or a business card nearby.

I'll not single anything out, but for a MSc year intensive course I thought it would be better. I was also disappointed that nobody in the room decided to talk anything through with me. They did in other rooms and good on them.

I'll take nothing away from some of the other stuff I saw, some nice graphics, a lot of lovely photography and the interior architecture course took me eye. You can pop along until Friday at the Napier campus on Colinton Road, Edinburgh to have a peak for yourselves.