How To Make It As An Advertising Creative

Scamp's book finally arrived yesterday. As previously mentioned, we were made aware that our website would appear in it. A quick flick through, and bingo. There it was, page 16, top left.

We're in the "what you do at college" section and it says:
Here's three examples of 3 different landing pages of three very different online portfolios. A digital portfolio shouldn't just showcase your work but also your personality.
It may only be a small picture, but who cares. We're forever immortalised as 19 and 20 year olds - scary stuff. We're in good company too. The other two websites on the page are full awards and great ads.

Adam Chiappe and Matt Saunby work at AMV/BBDO and have bucket load of high profile clients and a portfolio longer than both pairs of arms put together. And, Mike Bond and Bernard Hunter have worked across the globe in New York, Paris and now London.

Hopefully we might follow in their footsteps one day.

Cheers Scamp!