Doritos Final 3

After buckets or multipacks of home made Doritos ads, the final three have been announced.

All have got Facebook, Twitter and video appeals, but one of them has a big advantage.
Rob Madin - "I like Doritos" happens to be to be none other than the Brett Domino Trio. Who, in my opinion, are bloody funny.

They're advantage? Well shall we say they have 2.6 million YouTube hits to their name. Not bad, not bad.

His ad is cheesey but funny, especially if you're aware of Brett Domino.

While, the Dorito Trio has a particularly stupid video too. But so stupid it's really likeable.

The third feels like Independence Day. Nicely shot, but perhaps a bit too nice. I like the crassness of the other two over this one.

Though don't let me be the judge. Vote for your favourite here.