Amazon Wishlists

Isn't it annoying when you have an idea, but can't do anything about it?

We pitched an idea to 4iP a couple of months ago that they loved, but felt wasn't quite right for them.

Here was our pitch:

Working title:
The Wish Wardrobe + Widget

Elevator pitch:
A web browser widget that enables you to assemble a wardrobe over a series of shopping sites. From here, you can then create outfits inside their personal wardrobe portal.

The widget would be a browser add-on to Firefox or Google Chrome. While, the wardrobe could be accessible via Facebook to create an easy to use and share experience for everyone.

And yesterday, here's me finding the near same idea, but done for Amazon. Damn.
It has a few flaws (I can add Facebook to my list), but on the whole, it's really nice. Add anything you want to your Wishlist here.