Bring on the Vuvuzela: TV ad

So, last week I posted about the little video I made with a helping hand from @hollymix. Well, this week I got a rather cool email from someone at Fallon saying they'd seen it and they'd made a real version of it. Oh, and did I mind!

It all started when Ash, who happens to have The Natural Confectionery Company as a client, forwarded the video on to his boss last Friday lunch (18/6). And then by Wednesday this week an account handler at Fallon had sent me an email saying:
"We've made this tactical TNCC ad. I just wanted to share our version with you (below) and also just to ensure that you didn't feel we had completely ignored your idea."
She went on to say; 
"we've bought a spot in ITVs commentary on Friday, and we are also going to upload it to the youtube account."
"should this ever go to awards, we'll include your names on the list."
WOW. It only took five days for the video, with just over 100 views, to get made into a TV advert. That's mental. And, it was mine?!