What Google Finds

Ok, so I had an idea, and it went like this:

Have you ever looked for a bit of inspiration using Google Images and discovered more than you bargained for?

If the answer is yes, then What Google Finds is the place to visit. Here you'll find a homage to all the random images that you weren't looking for, but still found.

I've got a few rules that I'm trying to live by. These are:

  • Images must be unrelated to search. 
  • They should be funny, weird or at least vaguely interesting and found within the first five pages of search. 
  • The themes vary week on week. 
  • All other rules will be made up as I go along.
If you fancy suggesting a theme, all you have to do is Tweet @whatgooglefinds.

Oh and I'm seeing how far WGF?! can get. After all, every image is meant to be pretty random.

Plug over. Enjoy.