A Dream Lunch?

Part of their 'Dream Lunchtime' competition run via Facebook, Emily Shepperson won a £30k lunch for her village, Benwick. She wanted sandwiches, hotdogs and every dessert possible. But instead they made this 50 by 50 metre portrait of Emily, 25, using 1,300 picnic rugs. I prefer the picture to be honest!
Pic: Ken Lennox
This 'Dream Lunchtime' was based around wanting to try something new for lunch, like eating up a pylon, making a massive sandwich and a cheeky couple even wanted the £30k on lunch for their wedding.

What's more, the only stat I found on her was that she enters roughly 100 competitions a day. Surely a 25 year old has better things to do?

It all seems a tad weird to me.