Uniqlo Lucky Counter

Here's another nifty idea from Uniqlo.

This time, they're encouraging visitors to Tweet about featured items they’re interested in. And in turn, the price of the product will be reduced.

The promotional site features ten items (five male and five female) along with their RRP and a counter to show how much each item has been discounted so far.

By clicking into each item, you can see its minimum selling price down the right hand side.  

And all you have to do is allow Uniqlo to pump out a tweet on your behalf claiming that you've helped decrease the price. Oh, and you can do this once every ten minutes if you like. 

To me, this is really a sale, but using social media to tell everyone about it. You tell your friends you love Uniqlo products, and you decrease the price as a reword. Ah, you've gotta love Uniqlo sometimes for thinking outside the box and doing it well.