Same concept, same airtime.

Oh no. This can only be described as everyone's worst nightmare. A BBH and Mother London face-off. Two different clients. Same idea. And both aired for the first time during X-Factor.

The ads in question are Yeo Valley and Ikea. Both go for a little rap number to tie in with the media buy. The first one to appear on TV was the two minutes long Yeo Valley one, and was pretty funny. The second was only a minute long. The trouble is though, when it first started to air I went, it's another Yeo Valley ad. Then went... oh wait, hang on. No it's not.

I really feel for the creatives that made these two ads. Neither would've had any idea there was something similar being thought up just a few miles away. And now, their idea will always be remembered as the copycat ads.

However, the real question here is, which one do you think is better?