The Apprentice Advertising Challenge

Last night saw the ad industry's favourite task. Lord Sugar's wanted both teams to create, design and then advertise a cleaning product.

One team came up with Germ-o-nator. A cleaning product that kills e.coli and influenza in gravy. And,  uses a small child to sell the squeezy Bovril coloured spray. Germ-o-nator's endline was Hasta la vista...gravy. Get it?

The other team went for Octo-Kleen. A childish looking bottle with an octopus on it. With the endline. 8 hands are better than 2. Though as spotted by @scott_tweeddale, where 8 hands are better than 2, but we only 5 on the logo.

This task really brought out some of the best on Twitter. And, really showed how everyone else perceives advertising.

One team leader thought, "sex sells everything" but as @AdamAndDan pointed out, Dr Pepper wouldn't say so. And, thanks to @akacreatives for; "when it comes to pleasuring your on-screen wife, 8 hands are DEFINITELY better than 2."

By the time they'd both made the shockingly clich├ęd ads we got an "octopus porn route or poisonous gravy route. Wowza."(@AdamAndDan)

At the pitch stage, we had them throwing in buzz words and @dirktherabbit put it quite nicely; "what do cleaning products have to do with MP3 players and search engines?"

But, the winner tonight was @ScottTsukuru's beauty. "Barry Scott is spinning in his grave". Perfect.

If you'd like a better round up, watch this video below. And, like e.coli and influenza, this is going viral.

All I'm saying is bring back Mr Pants man.