Pick up an award

Friday saw the last day of Internet Week Europe. I was lucky enough to enjoy two events that took place during the day. Each one will get a lovely blog post.  

The first I went to was Breakfast with Mother. Throughout the week they've been holding coffee mornings with different themes, today's theme was "Pick up an award from Mother". Quite a simple concept, turn up, chat to fellow creative types, enjoy a bacon sarnie or muffin with a drink... oh and then help yourself to one of these awards on the table. No joke. 

I was talking Jane Lucas, the co-organiser, and she claimed these were just awards that technically no longer meant anything. A good, and bad way to look at it I thought.

After all, they were roughly 10 years old, weren't golds or the biggest awards out there, weren't attached to a specific team and one wasn't even theirs!

They don't display their awards for all to see and (probably) just clog up some storage centre somewhere, so why not give them away as a good will gesture? They had to pay the entry fee, so what they do with the award it up to them.

While I was there, I met up with Dani and Paul from back in the day and finally put a few names to faces, which was awesome. As well as being let into the select club of the YCC, which if you don't know about, you should. 

Plus, Mike Coulter also bribed Mark Waites in to giving us a mini tour of the building.

And, we even invaded the boardroom for a few snaps.

For more frolics from Breakfast with Mother, check out their Flickr page.