Jeep Puzzle

Jeep are running a competition on Twitter, which is pretty nifty and a bit odd at the same time.

Simply watch the video below and it'll explain the game for you.

My issue that I've got with this is that this game isn't supported in the new version of Twitter. New Twitter looks like this:
So, to play this game, you have to go back in time to the old version. This is done by heading up to your Twitter name, clicking the drop down menu and choosing the Leave Preview option.  

You then get the mosaic you're looking for. 
I do like the concept. And, the way you have to follow 36 Jeep branded icons to win. But, why was this game released on the 27th October, when the new Twitter skin was released on the 14th September (and made available to all by 14th Oct)? 

Surely the client didn't stall on the idea for so long that it almost went out of date? Whatever the reason, very few people will see this mosaic any more. And even if I wasn't playing the game, the chances of seeing the cool picture on one of your friends pages would would be pretty slim too. 

Nice idea, awful timing.