Watford Course 2011/12

It's that time of year folks. What are you going to do next year? It's a difficult decision of whether you think you're ready to hit the advertising scene. Or, give it one more year to find that perfect partner and get those creative juices flowing like they've never done before.

One of the best post grad advertising courses is the Watford Course. I've not done it, so I could be talking out my arse, but it comes with a reputation. And, that goes along way.

Having been disappointed by what I saw at the Napier post grad course in the summer, my advice would be aim high and don't stop until you get there.

Because Tony Cullingham wants exciting individuals on his course, he's devised a series of questions that have no correct answer.

His eleven this year are:

Q1 Write a poem about broccoli.

Q2 What would I find in the the light at the end of the tunnel?

Q3 Devise a campaign strategy with executions to promote Cliff Richard as the next UK Prime Minister.

Q4 Write headlines and designs for T shirts to beworn the day after Global Flooding.

Q5 Devise as many posters as you can to sell yourself.

Q6 Why should you never underestimate a handsome bear?

Q7 Sell tarantulas as the next 'must have' pet.

Q8 Devise a digital idea for a chocolate bar.

Q9 How would you get more folk to learn the Ukulele?

Q10 How would Michaelangelo, (the Renaissance artist not the turtle), sell Edam cheese?

Q11 Enclose an A4 copy, non-returnable, of your own portfolio.

Simple right? Exactly. Get thinking, hard.

Entries need to be in the sooner the better for a place in September 2011. And, everything you need can be found here.