Street View starts blurring in Germany

Street View is not a new a thing in the UK and the US, but it's pretty new to Germany (they've just released imagery for the 20 biggest cities). And, with online privacy being a big deal to many people these days, Google let home owners opt-out of the Street View service.

Using a simple online service, homeowners could ask to blur their house from the internet. And, a mere 2.89% of households chose to. Just 244,237 people opted-out from a total of 8,458,084. A fairly big number, but not in the grand scheme of things.

One of these homes was this one below.
Isn't it beautiful? Pixelation at its best.

What's brilliant is that this house has received more coverage from being blurred than the house next door, which hasn't taken up the option. And I'm sure that wasn't meant to be the point.

Surely they thought about the threat of burglars? If they blur their home, they can't see their property. But in my view, what are they hiding instead? Sometimes, what might seem a good idea at the time could back fire big time. Sorry number 14 of Hugo von Koenigsegg-Street, Oberstaufen.