T-Mobile Heathrow Flashmob

I must be going up in the world, I've been sent a sneak preview of T-Mobile's latest TV advert before it airs in full on Friday.

This time the 'Life's For Sharing' flashmob lays siege to Heathrow's Terminal 5 arrivals gate. And, it claims 600 people turned up to sing and dance to the passengers as they pass through. In the sneak preview, it shows numerous clips of the waiting crowd performing different songs, which is different to the previous flashmob TV ads. Whether or not they pick a specific one as the lead remains unclear but being a full three minutes long, it'll be epic either way.

Here's a few tasters:

But that's not all. What I think is a bigger idea is that this is;

'the world’s first ad to premiere across the entire ad break simultaneously on more than 80 digital and terrestrial commercial TV channels.'

I'd love to see a video of someone flicking channels at this very minute. (I'm not near a TV then so someone please do this. Hint, hint). How cool would that be? You won't be able to escape the same advert for whole ad break. Meaning that it'll be watched by nearly 10 million people across the UK and reach more than 2 million households. And, what the press release forgot to mention, cost a bloomin' fortune.

So to see a bit of history, tune in to pretty much any TV channel at 10.15pm on Friday 29th October.

Oh, and kudos to Saatchi&Saatchi for filming, editing and broadcasting it in under 36 hours. Not many places can do that.