Joe Jordan

Gennaro 'Rhino' Gattuso head butted Joe Jordan.

Harry Redknapp said: "Gattuso had a flare-up with Joe Jordan. I don't know why. He obviously hadn't done his homework. He could've picked a fight with somebody else. Putting his head into Joe's face, it was crazy. He lost his head."

And Twitter said:

daveraybould: Giraffes were created when Joe Jordan uppercutted a horse. #joejordanfacts

Bentleysbird: Superman wears Joe Jordan pyjamas #JoeJordanFacts

tottenblog: In a living room there are 257 things joe jordan can kill you with, including the room itself #joejordanfacts

AndiLap: There is no such thing as evolution, just a list of animals Joe Jordan allows to live #joejordanfacts

TheGirobabies: Chuck Norris has poster of Joe Jordan on his wall #joejordanfacts

Phleanix: When batman is in trouble, gotham city put-up the the Joe jordan signal #joejordanfacts

GavinDRitchie: Joe Jordan can win connect 4 in 3 moves. #joejordanfacts

LaborneRacing: Joe Jordan tells the sun when to rise and when to set #joejordanfacts

bigwillyking: Joe Jordan once walked the London Marathon in 17 seconds. #JoeJordanFacts

chrismaddy84: Death once had a near Joe Jordan experience #joejordanfacts

TheMassacre2001: In the beginning, Joe Jordan turned on the light. The rest is history. #joejordanfacts

JezOfDeath: Joe Jordan doesn't need Twitter... He is already following you. #joejordanfacts

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