Want to complain? Complain on Twitter

In the last month I've seen three blog posts about complaining on Twitter because of substandard service or problems.

The first saw Kate at Rabbit complain to Pret about something not quite right with her lunch. And the second and third saw Mike at Inferno complain about a mishap by Pret and TFL. All of which had their problem dealt with (pretty) quickly and effectively.

So when Eon sent me a final bill of 29p from my last flat I jumped on to Twitter.  Why? Well technically I'd given my final reading before my new final bill. And secondly, Eon won't let you pay a bill of less than £5 online. 

A stamp for a cheque costed more than my bill and I didn't fancy ringing a premium rate number to get a response. In my head, this was about the principal rather than the cost involved. 

I found Eon on Twitter but it was in French, so I used their @eonenergyfit username to contact them. 
Granted I wasn't as polite as possible, but you need a reaction right?
And I got a response shortly after. So I DM'd them my Eon account details and waited for a call. 

9 days later, nothing. 

Slightly annoyed, I dropped them another DM. And then, within the hour, I got a phone call and my 29p was wiped off the system. Awesome. Plus, it didn't cost me a penny and they did all the leg work. Win-win.

So my new rule is... If you need to complain, use Twitter.