Not so fooled by the Google April Fool

Today if you type into Google "helvetica" then this happens:
 And if you type "comic sans" in the search bar, you get this:
 But what happens if you type in "impact"? Well, you get this:
And if you're feeling funky, type in "zapf dingbats", and you'll get this.

Actually, the last two I've done myself...

How? Because I've been able to tweak Google's font, or any other site for that matter, for ages. And all with a simple piece of jQuery code.

Just drag IMPACT THAT into your bookmark bar and you can turn any webpage into Impact. Or drag ZAPF THAT to make it Zapf Dingbats. All you have to do is go a text based page of your choice and then click on the bookmark. It's that simple.

Oh, and if you love Comic Sans too much, you can always use this one.