Unite III

Wednesday was my first taste of a YCC event where I've had a hands-on role. Unite III is an informal portfolio night where we had picked 25 teams / singles and let them display their wares to industry professionals. And all set in a pub.

On the night there was a mix of talents, styles and approaches to work. All of which we chose to appeal to the broad range of agencies that were turning up. The likes of W&K, Saatchi & Saatchi, Work Club, Weapon7, Hello-X, Digital and Direct, Soup, Inferno, VCCP, Crayon and Dare to recruiters and industry bodies all made the effort to head to Cargo in East London.

The night was a great success, but we as members of the YCC, will always strive to make it bigger and better next time.

There have been lots of interesting feedback from Andy Sandoz at Work Club, Louis Clement at Soup and Laura and Mandy at JWT. And we're currently compiling a list of findings from the night, which will be published soon.

All we can say is that placements have been won (for some it was their first) and that we've opened a lot more doors to future events. Not bad for 15 of us that do it in our spare time. And with no budget.

I can't wait to get stuck into the next event, of which there are now many on the table. So keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter or our website for details. And if you're a business that would like to help us out, either with our next project or with sponsorship at events, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.