Cadbury's 'Charity Shop'

I really like Cadbury's new advert 'Charity Shop'… but not for the idea, that's obvious - it's about the enjoyment. I love it's production instead.
Why? Because this ad has quirky little touches hidden everywhere. They've not opted to do any blue screen malarky and remove people's heads and arms from the clothes. Oh no, instead they've made each outfit massive. And hidden people inside them.

Shots like the one below show this off well. It's like a person zipped into a sleeping bag and told to crawl across the floor. A great bit of added humour.
This approach also means the scale of the shoot is actually huge. You can see two sets of feet inside the jacket, which puts into perspective the height of the drawers. They're huge. Even if they're kids bouncing around underneath.
The jacket was also built to be versatile. Not only can you get two people inside the chest of the jacket. But also one person in each sleeve!
It's these things that make the ad more likeable. They didn't cheat the production. They had fun shooting the ad. And it's nice to watch. So isn't that a win-win campaign idea then?

Nice one Fallon.