- Mexican Wave

So tonight is the night to mexican wave yourself across three channels within 3 minutes during an ad break.

This 'media first' either genius or a bit random and pointless will break on ITV at 9.50pm tonight (Saturday).

In the middle of The Bourne Supremacy you will be confronted with the first of the 60-second installments, which breaks immediately after on Channel 4 and then the third, on Five.

Channel hopping is common during adverts, but in this instance, what are the chances of switching channels with Bourne on 3, The Shawshank Redemption on 4 and CSI: NY on 5. surely these may actually be the toilet break moments or you're not going to switch films half way through?

The three-minute film, by Karmarama, sees people in various locations across the world performing a Mexican wave using the "thumbs up" sign.

And to make sure you don't forget to switch over the first two spots end with a three-second countdown to the next ad, while the final spot bears the new brand strapline: "Do more good stuff."

Personally this is the fun I like to see in advertising, I can't decide how much a mexican wave and do more good stuff has in common with but the new craze of clients looking outside the box to gain a consumer following is always nice to see.

Hats off to Dave and the gang for attempting something new but different to Honda Skydivers and T-mobile Station Dance. I'd love it to work and open up more opportunities that media companies clearly can offer us creatives.

Right I'm off to set my sky plus for 3 channels as I'm not in tonight...ah, that's not possible... Now that maybe 1 slight problem.

Its arrived