Morph Flashmob

Morph flashmob

I've always loved Morph and I grew up with him on the tv screen. I was as saddened as anyone when I heard Tony Hart had passed away, but was delighted when on surfing the BBC news webpage that a flashmob had been to honour the legend that is Hart and his adorable plasticine character Morph.

The event which was organised via Facebook attracted around 200 models outside the Tate Modern happened on yesterday (1st March).

There was even a Best Morph competition which I would have loved to have entered - I always wondered what I could make with my 40 pots of blue playdoh that I bought a year ago.

There are some beautiful shots of Morph and other tributes on Olley Headey's Flickr page.

His daughter Carolyn Williams put it well, "He would particularly love this because everybody is doing exactly what he always wanted them to do which was make something, just give it a go, make a model or draw a picture.

I will attempt my version later with anything I can find in the office. Tin foil here I come, Morph in a space suit perhaps?