Doodling helps you concentrate

Doodling 'may help memory recall'.

Yes, we all knew it really didn't we?

Doodling may look messy, but it could in fact be a sign of an alert mind, a study suggests. 

Plymouth University researchers carried out memory tests on 40 volunteers, asking them to listen to a phone call and recall names and places. Doodlers performed 29% better than non-doodlers, the team found.

Awesome! So when, you drew on the desk you were really taking everything your chemistry teacher was trying to teach you. Oh why did you have to give teenagers an excuse!

Experts said it stops people from daydreaming and so was good at helping them focus on mundane tasks.

During the study, half of the volunteers were asked to colour in shapes on a piece of paper while they listened to a 2.5 minute telephone message.

The other half were left to their own devices while they listened. Both groups were told the message would be dull

Afterwards, both groups were asked to write down 8 specific names and 8 places mentioned.

The doodlers on average recalled 7.5, while the non-doodlers only managed 5.8.

So next time you see me doodling ad ideas, I'm still 'apparently' listening, whether I am or not is another thing.