70% less of everything

I was sat on too many trains yesterday commuting from Crawley to Edinburgh (7 hours is always fun) but it gives me time to think or sleep or generally notice the world around me.

Now I don't often get these crisps, Walkers Baked, but i nicked them from the cupboard at home. 70% less fat sounds good on the packet. But sadly the reason why there is 70% less fat is that there is 70% less crisp in the packet. Honest to god, that is how many crisps I had to eat. I remember the days when these packets were full. Should I complain? Actually that wasn't as bad as having to stand up from Kings Cross to York, 2.5 hours. Although I did notice the man scratching his nether region on a toilet sign.

P.S. I stood there for 2.5 hours... oh the joys