Using Twitterpicture to it's full potential

Recently Johanna Basford did here twitterpicture 2 piece (info here) and wanted suggestions for things to draw. For instance:
  • a sad tardis
  • a man with 52 pens in his beard
  • a badger with a party hat on
  • the x factor panel, judging the performance of a cabbage
I had a lot to compete with, so I thought, if this is a limited edition print of 100, it'll get lots of free coverage, with lots of pictures, posts and blogs. Why don't I try and be clever? So, my suggestion was:
  • a dog turd with a cocktail stick flag in it with the words on it
You can't blame me for advertising CR.AP can you? I've checked, and was the only one sad enough to suggest such a thing. Our site is now forever immortalised on 100 pictures, I wonder how many of those will check the site...
The full list of tweeters pics can be found here.
The flickr tagging picture is here.