Twitter Flights

If you live on Twitter you may have recognised #FFFF (Free Flight Follow Friday) over the last few weeks. BMI Baby with help from The Rabbit Agency decided to give away 3 pairs of tickets each week to a predetermined destination by simply adding two more F's to the normal hashtag #FF name drop.

A lovely simple idea that got BMI Baby 1,561 followers on twitter and a stack load of free PR.

But if you missed this great idea. Don't worry. EasyJet have decided to pastiche BMI Baby one with an identical competition, apart from the you have to tweet "Hey @easyJet! I want 2 holiday tix!" followed by the hastag #easyJetthursday.

See what they did there?

Am I moaning? As a customer, of course not! Free tickets to a destination, who wouldn't tweet that.

But as a creative, it just shows EasyJet piggy backing a successful idea that, in my opinion, isn't quite as creative as BMI Baby's.

Adding extra F's to a Twitter tradition versus trying to get people to publish easyJet in their feed just smacks of "put my brand here" rather than being clever and working with the Twitter audience. Anyone can put a "win this with a retweet" and get followers, but I always like brands that don't want to just ram it down my throats.

Sadly though, BMI Baby don't fly from Edinburgh to Gatwick, and EasyJet do, so they'll keep my custom, unless BA come down in price of course!