Mr Men

When I saw the new Specsavers ad, I have to admit, I was a bit peeved. We once had an idea in our book using Mr Men, which was either loved or hated. People said it was funny, but because they thought you could never use Mr Men it always fell down. But then Specsavers managed to get away with it. And in my opinion, isn't a patch on the Postman Pat version. 

I also saw this banner ad today and wanted to see if they'd branded up a microsite for them.

And lone behold, they had six great offers using the appropriate characters.
Plus, when you click on them, they open up in book form, which is a nice touch.
My annoyance is, what's wrong with ours?

Ah, wait. They didn't tamper with the brand. Dammit.
The bad guys.
The good guys.
And our book.

I'm not bitter. Honest.