Oakley hits gold with Chilean miners

The freed Chilean miners were pictured together for the first time today - all donning their essential shades. Says The Sun.

Speaking from a hospital bed at the San José mine, shift foreman Luis Urzúa – the man who kept the Chilean miners alive for two months – said his secret for keeping the men bonded and focused on survival was majority decision-making.

"You just have to speak the truth and believe in democracy," said Urzúa, his eyes hidden behind black glasses. Says The Guardian.

And, after spending so long in the dark, they are wearing the sunglasses to protect their eyes from the brilliant sunlight. Says the Daily Mail.

These sunglasses you see, were donated by Oakley. At a reported $180 a pair, a pricey gesture at that. Especially when they gave away 35 pairs in total. But these glasses were essential. The miners were forced to wear these shades to protect their eyes from the light having spend 69 days down a mine. It just so happens that this good will gesture is now getting more exposure than the miners. Apparently, over $41 millions worth of it.

The famous Oakley “O” is on the side of each of the miners glasses, meaning every photo they have taken is giving Oakley even more brand awareness. And for free. There's no contracts nor stipulations, they're wearing them purely on medical advice.

And how long do they have to keep these glasses on for? Well probably just long enough to get a bit more exposure I think.

A fantastically sly marketing technique that can only do the brand good.