Submerge Mr Phoenix with Skittles on Facebook

Skittles have trapped a man, by the name of Mr. Phoenix, in a perspex box on 82 Dean Street in London for 24 hours. During this time, they plan to drop thousands of Skittles on him every 15 minutes. Every time you refresh the page, you add 40 Skittles to the impending downfall.

To see this happening live, there's a stream on the Skittles Facebook Page. The commentator, who's filling every 15 minute interval, has a really dry sense of humour, which is quite therapeutic and unobtrusive. I for one can't wait until he's using some form of tube to breathe with. Is that ever so slightly evil?
When the countdown in nearly you can always seen a large crowd gathering in the reflection. But as soon as it's over. Off they go again. Nice bit of online/offline engagement. Especially when it's essentially a coloured sweet. 

Created, me thinks, by TBWA\London. (Seen as it's in their office window).

More Skittles filled tank pics to follow later.