The Police are on Twitter

Greater Manchester Police have, for one day only, decided to document every call they receive and publish it on Twitter. By following @gmp24_1 @gmp_2 @gmp24_3 (or this lovely hashtag), you can discover what the police have to put up with on a regular basis.

This is a great way for the public sector to turn to social media in an attempt to show that they don’t just chase robbers all day and then lock ‘em up.

Since 5am, these tweets have been causing a stir.

Call 412 Report of woman ringing police asking for help to sue benefits agency as she has no money

Call 421 Dog on the motorway at junction 24 on the M60

Call 521 Dustbin in lane one of M60

Call 567 Woman reporting somebody putting a video on her youtube site 

Call 634 Confused woman reporting her cat missing due to neighbour involvement

Call 664 Man calls to say locked out of house. Wants police to break in for him, Bolton

Call 674 Confused man reporting his tv not working

Call 686 Man shouts 'you're gorgeous' to woman

Call 795 Report of man not walking a dog in popular dog walking spot

Call 810 Man requesting information regarding motorway parking charges

Call 814 Call from a man who hadn't recieved his benefits

Call 846 Dog in carriageway of M60

Call 898 Report of man asleep in toilets in theatre when asked he left

Call 926 Report from Kearsley of threatening messages on Facebook

Call 1412 Query about a council parking fine

Call 1436 Tent erected on church grounds in Rochdale

Call 1517 Threats made by via Facebook

Call 1568 Threats made via Facebook and letters in Gorton

Call 2204 Man masturbating in public toilet, Trafford

Call 2494 Call about indecent Facebook message on son's account in Stockport

What’s quite disturbing is that these tweets are coming in too fast to actually read. Over three accounts and on average about three or four calls a minute; these updates show the scary reality that the police have to cope with on a regular basis.

And, to add a little twist to this very serious matter, as always, there’s a fake account. @gmp24_7 is highlighting the funny side of possible phone calls.

Call 23 Chav found sexually abusing a car exhaust

Call 22 Angry man upset. GPS directed him to Yorkshire

Call 17 Complaint from elderly citizen that we are tweeting too fast

Call 6 Greggs on Oxford Rd has run out of donuts. Alert. Dispatch all vehicles to alternative stores

I'll stay on the lookout for any suspicious activity and keep updating when I can. Blues and twos.